Full Refresh – A How To

In my daily work updating client sites for JazzCorner.com, one of the most common responses I receive from clients is that they don’t see the updates when they view their website on their computer. There are one of two things I have them do, depending on the site, which is to do a ‘Full Refresh’ of the page or ‘Clear The Browser Cache’. This post is a ‘How To’ for the former.

There are two ways to fully refresh the page. One works on all systems and the other has variations depending on whether you’re on a Windows PC or a Mac. If any Linux users read this, please comment and let me know whether either or both work for you – I don’t have a Linux install running to test on.

1. Hold the Shift key and click the Refresh button in your browser.

Sometimes people aren’t familiar with the ‘Refresh button’ in the browser. It’s also known as ‘Reload’.

In Internet Explorer it is a pair of curved arrows which look like:

IE6 Refresh or IE7+ refresh.

In other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc) it is a circular arrow which looks like:
Firefox refresh or Safari refresh

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

My preferred way to fully refresh the page is to use the following Keyboard shortcut.

On Windows PC: Ctrl+R
On Mac: Command/Cmd/Apple+R

Quick click on the keyboard and you’re done!

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