First time out testing Codekit on a new project today. What an awesome app! Nice to get a start on some CSS preprocessing, and generally streamline my workflow.

Now back home in NYC…

Now back home in NYC and inundated with projects. However, thinking of adding a WordPress plugin to my list too. Any requests?

You may notice that I’ve found time to a least spruce up the theme a little; thanks to some fonts from the fine folks at TypeKit and a quick tinker with the TwentyEleven theme’s CSS.

More to come before long, but better than nothing…

WordPress for Android rocks!

Very impressed by the current version of WP for Android!

Starting to tire of this head cold now…

WordPress 3.3 Editor bug

Time to get a-testing and see which plugin/function is causing a bug I’m experiencing with the newly released WP 3.3. Namely, I’m seeing both Visual and HTML Editor toolbars at once when in Visual mode. Weird!

It’s a shame, because otherwise WP 3.3 is rocking!!