Steve Kuhn launch

Yet another site launch late this evening. This time, it’s the turn of pianist Steve Kuhn. Enjoy!

WordPress 3.3 Editor bug

Time to get a-testing and see which plugin/function is causing a bug I’m experiencing with the newly released WP 3.3. Namely, I’m seeing both Visual and HTML Editor toolbars at once when in Visual mode. Weird!

It’s a shame, because otherwise WP 3.3 is rocking!! Redesign Launched

The redesign launches are coming thick and fast this week! Today, it’s the turn of Rufus Reid; renowned Jazz Bassist and educator. redesign.

Launched my latest client project over the weekend: a redesign of trombonist Chris Washburne‘s site. In common with other recent projects, a couple of which should be launched in the next day or two as well, my role was to theme the graphic design in WordPress. Pretty pleased with how this one came out!